About Natco


National Shoe and Occupational Solutions Ltd. (National Shoe) located in Arouca, Trinidad, has been a leading provider of footwear since 1954. The company is one of the oldest and most reliable suppliers of safety and uniform footwear for working men and women.

The introduction of the 2004 Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) to Trinidad & Tobago led to an increased demand not only for Safety Footwear, but also for Head To Toe Safety Products, Uniform and Work-Wear, as companies sought to ‘outfit’ and ‘tool’ their employees to meet the requirements of this law. National Shoe also concentrated on developing and supplying the Uniform and Work-Wear occupational market to meet the increasing expectations of our customers.

Understanding Footwear and Occupational Work-Wear industry trends and customers’ occupational needs have enabled the company to remain at the forefront of the Footwear and Occupational Work-Wear industry for many years.

In our commitment to provide environment fitted occupational solutions, National Shoe partnered with several reputable and dependable foreign companies to provide quality Safety Products, Uniform and Work-Wear items to customers, also under the brand name NATCO. Uniforms and Work-Wear such as coveralls, shirt and pants, visibility vests are produced according to our strict specifications.

We also partner with local garment manufacturers who produce ‘made to measure’ garments according to clients’ specifications. As a past manufacturer, we ensure that materials and workmanship adhere to strict guidelines, while ensuring a comfortable fit. We consider our produced garments as ‘Image Deemed For A Professional’.

Today, customers continue to depend on National Shoe and Occupational Solutions Ltd. to provide, not only their Safety footwear, but also a wide range of reliable and trusted Head To Toe Safety Products, Uniform Footwear and Occupational Work-Wear.